Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 28, 2024 (2024)

Restored Republic viaa GCR: Update as of June 28, 2024

JUDY NOTE: From the information herein it’s assumed thatmatters regarding the Global Currency Reset and changeover to RestoredRepublics of the World is imminent.

The Military was waiting on the World Court for legalities according toCommon Law, to be finalized between nations.

President Trump will soon be back and within 12 hours of hisannouncement, our World would begin changing.

Everything has been completed for NESARA/GESARA payouts including GESARAbeing announced through certain media, making it legal.

All debts of various nations including the US, have been settled usingGESARA funds collected from the Cabal. GESARA has begun paying out in severalcountries, with the US payouts to citizens scheduled.

Payouts for the Global Currency Reset has been authorized, scheduled andreported.

Word was that right now some Tier 3 Zim Holders were in Reno meetingwith their Wealth Managers and proceeding with the redemption process. ThePentecostal Group has already started to pay out their Group One.

On Thurs. 27 June the new Iraqi Dinar rate was available to citizens ofIraq through their debit cards and ATMs.

Iraq has scheduled an announcement of their new Dinar Rate by publicationin their Gazette on Sat. 29 June, with the celebration scheduled for Sun. 30June.

Very soon Tier4b was expected to begin exchanges in China, the processgoing across Asia and into Europe and then to the US.

The Pentecostal group will begin to pay out their Group Two on Thurs. 4July – the same day the US will be celebrating Independence Day with majorannouncements expected.

You’ll Never Find The Below News in The Mainstream Media:

· CIA Director Gina Hasple was injured while being arrested at CIAheadquarters in Frankfurt Germany after she directed servers in 2020 ElectionFraud. Five of our Special Forces Troops, along with a CIA official, werekilled in the raid. Hasple was flown to GITMO where she was treated andreceived a tribunal for Treason. She agreed to help Trump for a lightersentence of life which can be revoked if she chooses to not cooperate. She hasnow turned over information on the servers, what they were for, what they didand who was involved.

· The Italian Ndrangheta (the Guardian) Mafia Trial in Italy invitedover 900 witnesses to testify against 350 defendants – who were all foundguilty of various crimes including Child Sex Trafficking and Murder. They areno longer with us.

· US VP Kamala Harris was born a male British citizen in Benghazi, whomhis Satanic parents named Kemal Arough.

· By Oct. 20 2020 Biden, Obama, Hillary, Brennan, Pelosi and Schiff hadbeen arrested by the White Hats and sent to GITMO, where they underwentMilitary Tribunals, were found guilty of various crimes including High Treasonand executed. They’ve been played by clones and actors ever since.

· The Canadian Mainstream Media reported that the Obama Clone wasarrested for Espionage on Sat. 22 June 2024.

· In addition to Hillary Clinton’s numerous crimes she ran the World’slargest child sex slavery and trafficking rings through the Clinton Foundation.HRC died the day she spoke at the 9/11 event and collapsed at the SUV when shewas told she was under arrest. They rushed her to her daughter Chelsea’s housebecause it is a medical facility for her. A double came out and said she wasok. At this medical facility at Chelsea’s place she was revived by a veryinteresting technology using Adrenochrome and baby’s blood. She was taken toGreenland, put on ice and kept alive in a vegetative state. She was given atribunal and sentenced to death by hanging. She was brought back to concisenessand hanged.

· Obama, arrested and at GITMO for Treason, made a plea deal and avoidedhanging for a time to help Trump. However, he violated the plea deal by using acell phone that he hid under his pillow at GITMO. On Sept. 30 2019 his cellmate John Kerry ratted on him about the phone. Guards immediately took him fromthe cell and shot him in the back of the head. Lying Big Mike was executedshortly after. Obama had turned over evidence on Big Mike to get the plea deal.

· Pentagon Officials say that Pelosi asked them to stage a Military Coupagainst Trump.

· In July 2013 Bill and Melinda Gates were hanged in India by parents ofchildren who were killed and handicapped by the Gates vaccines.

· There were 16,000 MS13 gang members who were rounded up by the WhiteHats and shipped out of the US to a Distant Island.

A. GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET AND NESARA/GESARA:Thurs. 27 June 2024 Bruce:·All of my information tonight is coming from Iraq.· Today one of our sourceswas at the Iraqi Airport in Baghdad and was able to use his Iraqi debit card toaccess funds. For him to do that he had to have the new Iraqi Dinar Rate.

· Today a source in Iraq said we would have the IraqiBudget in the Gazette over this weekend.· My sources say Tier 4b notificationcould come the last three days of this month – Fri, Sat or Sun. 28, 29, 30June.· Iraq was planning on celebrating their new Iraqi Dinar Rate on Sun. 30June

· TRUMP WAS EXPECTED TO RETURN BETWEEN JULY 1-5.· We knowSCOTUS has already made a decision on 2020 voter fraud and the announcement ofsuch should come out at any time – which would dissolve the BidenAdministration and all of Congress.

· The contract rate on the Dinar went up another dollartoday. They will give that rate to you if you are a US citizen.· We don’t knowwhen this is going to go. My Iraqi contact said our time was coming in a matterof days.

Thurs. 27 June 2024 MarkZ: The new Iraqi Dinar Rate wasnot in the Wed. Gazette, but they did fully expect their new rate in the monthof June. The country cannot function too long with the ATMs loaded with the newgold-backed Dinar Note. Banking contacts say it will happen sometime betweenJuly 4-8, while outsiders were saying July 12-13.


· My contact in Brazil just called and said “We won. We won. They havestated paying out.”

· No one really knows when the RV is going to hit. It will come as athief in the night.· The people that I have spoken to are people that have highlevel contacts and they are not gurus or messengers.

· I received an audio from a friend which was aconversation of the paymaster and him and telling when his money is going to bedeposited and how many dollars (which is a lot of zeros). That was real not amade up stories.· Looks like things have started and/or ready to go.

· I received great news regarding Asia and thePhilippines which will be going soon. All good news from Asia.· I also havegreat news from my source in Brazil: “Good information – and the people inBrazil have indicated to you officially, by part of the table, they werenotified that everything is as scheduled and everything reported has alreadybeen authorized.” Also, some people in Brazil are going around with Bibles andthanking God for everything. People are getting very emotional, and people arebeing told to remain grounded. So, emotions are high quite down there!

· I should receive Intel coming from Reno and hopefullyget the news I have waited for. My associate has spoken to my Whale and said weare now closer than ever! He is waiting to get notified and waiting to go toReno or whatever table he belongs to.

· We will get notified, hopefully, any day right now. We have been toldthat before the end of the month we will be able to hopefully celebrate.

· We heard from TNT saying that by Sunday we will celebrate, and all islining up with Iraq.

· All this has been very hard and draining on me Thank you for all yoursupport. One of the toughest roles I have ever done. I have been involved inmany things prior to the internet, but when the internet came through theattacks started. I was confronted with unrelenting things I had neverencountered before, and to think I was not even a leader. When I embarked onthis spiritual journey, I never thought these things would occur as we are hereto help humanity, not here just for ourselves, but to help our fellow man.Things from all fronts saying it is happening.

· My friend called, and it was an incredible emotional call, and he is gettingreally excited.

· I am sure this news I have given you will lift your spirits, andhopefully in a few hours, I will get some news from Reno, and if it is the newsI am waiting for, then we will have an emergency live call and we will getCarpathia to talk with us.

· The Pentecostal group came out and it looks they have actually startedto pay out Group One.· The owner came out with a post saying they are going tostart paying the Second Group by the 4th of July.

· Maybe Bruce got it right this time, as thenotifications may come today, so keep an eye on your emails as they may pop up!Have a beautiful day, Wolverine , Wed. 26 June 2024 Texas Snake: Well it lookslike Wolvie was right.

· The call confirmed what I had posted earlier plusindicated the exchange process will begin in China move eastward to Europe andthen to the US.· They anticipate a start soon but cannot confirm the exactstart date.· They are also positive we are almost there.

B. GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS:· Thurs. 27 June 2024:BOOOM!!! US Debt Clock: The Dawn of the US Treasury Dollar: A BanklessRevolution in Finance· Thurs. 27 June 2024: BOOOM!!! Everything Is Related:GESARA, QFS, GCR/RV, ISO 20022, BASEL III, Protocol QFS 20, and DINAR areComponents of the New Financial System!


· Thurs. 27 June 2024: Operation NCSWIC: Trump’s MilitaryAlliance and the White Hats’ Grand Scale Strategy in USSF Cheyenne Mountains –Decoding the Dark Secrets of DoD’s Updated Law of War Manual

D. TIC TOK Mr. Pool 2.0:· 1. The military team worked from 24th to 26thMay on NESARA/GESARA. The team was working on the party and the release offunds.· 2. There was a soft announcement of GESARA.· 3. We know timeframes ofevents, not exact dates.

· 4. The debts between nations have all been forgiven andwiped clean.· 5. GESARA has started between all governments worldwide.· 6.Foreign currency will not pay off debt, for currency will help you.· 7. SocialSecurity will not exist.

· 8. The money coming to everyone will come in structuredpayments up to $5000 for 60 and above. Possible time frame January 2025.· 9.Everything is done. The military is waiting on the world court for alllegalities to be finalized properly between nations according to common law.·10. The World Court are going over paperwork.

· 11. Nothing more needs to be done.· 12. Disable seniorswill get $7500· 13. There’s no rules to get $7500 · 14. There’s 200 programswhere everyone will get financial abundance according to GESARA.· 15.Everything stolen will be returned 1000 times over and more.· 16. This is theday of abundance that will blow your mind.

· 17. The military worked all night long and wanted USall to receive the abundance.· 18. The military ARE IN CHARGE not PresidentTrump or the White Hats.· 19. The military are playing 5D chess with PresidentTrump.· 20. The military have to be strategic and meticulous in the execution ofthe final stages of the plan.

· 21. Stop attacking each other. Stop attacking Intelproviders.· 22. When you are angry and impatient you choose to stay in anegative energy field, you damage yourself.· 23. On the 25th the military wasworking on NESARA all night long.

· 24. From the 24th to 26th NESARA the following wasachieved: GESARA announced publicly under the US and it was made liquid. Themoney is flowing.· 25. 1st to 4th get rid of a mindset of lack. Start thinkingabundance.· 26. No kicking the can. No delays.

· 27. GESARA was announced to select media outletsthrough the Star Link Satellite System.· 28. GESARA was announced and this madeit legal.· 29. The process is slow because of the legalities.· 30. 12th to 16ththere is no can. We are waiting for the world court for the paperwork to beverified according to common law.

· 31. Cabal lies to banks and bankers found out they wereangry. Some bankers quit their jobs because we are so close to the end of this.·32. 17th to 20th Michael/Michelle Obama IS NOT running for President. Arrested.·33. Anything that is negative is a lie.· 34. This is happening now not 2025.

· 35. January 1st Iraq becomes illegal as a legal tenderin IRAQ.· 36. The banks are getting ready for the RV and GCR.· 37. So much IShappening and HAS happened.· 38. President Trump will be back overnight.· 39.Everything is imminent.· 40. Everything changes within 12 hours after theannouncement worldwide. (Donald Trump).

E. WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS:· Thurs. 27 June 2024:BREAKING: Russian Hypersonic Strikes Obliterate Ukrainian Airfields: NATO’sStrategic Relocation to Poland and Romania · Thurs. 27 June 2024 UkraineNearing End:· Thurs. 27 June 2024 1-2 Million Soldiers, 900 Tanks StormUkraine:

F. THE REAL NEWS FOR THURS. 27 JUNE 2024:· The Departmentof Homeland Security is reportedly identifying more than 400 migrants as'subjects of concern.' The worry here is that they got into the U.S. through anISIS-affiliated human smuggling network. The location of dozens of thesemigrants--still a mystery.

· Thurs. 27 June 2024 Alert – Thousands in Outages:·Thurs. 27 June 2024: Hunter Biden just received the bad news that made him losehis lunch | Informed American

· Wed. 26 June 2024: Trump just released a heartbreakingfour minute compilation of the awful crimes committed by Biden's illegalaliens. All of it is just from June 2024 alone.

· Thurs. 27 June 2024 America, If You’re Unsure If The 2020 Election WasStolen Here’s Your Answer: Alabama Attorney General is repeatedly questionedwhether Joe Biden is the “duly elected and lawfully serving" President ofthe United States. He would not say it in on the record in testimony. Over andover he omitted “duly elected and lawfully serving". He would not say it.This video is very telling.

· With All The Corruption Being Exposed Recently About The FBI, I’mResharing This Video. It All Makes So Much Sense Now: “9/11 (September 11th,2001) is the biggest lie of our lifetime — The FBI confiscated between 80 to 90videos they have of what hit the Pentagon. The Pentagon, just so your viewersknow, is the most heavily defended building in the world. The pilot who,allegedly was piloting the plane that crashed into the Pentagon, his name wasHani Hanjour, and he, according to the 911 Commission, was the worst pilot outof the bunch. Now they supposedly, were training on Cessnas. So he went to thisflight school, and he was such a poor pilot that the instructors wouldn't evencertify him on flying a single engine propeller plane. Yet, he is supposed tohave taken this commercial jet liner and done some aerobatic maneuvers to bringit in almost ground level and go into the side of the Pentagon. So at the timeit had, an active, surface to air missile defense so they could shoot downincoming planes. There are more security cameras around the Pentagon even backthen. The FBI confiscated between 80 to 90 videos they have of what hit the Pentagon.They won't release it. Like I said, the more you investigate, the more youdon't wanna look at it. 911 is the biggest lie of our lifetime”.

· Thurs. 27 June 2024: BREAKING NEWS! The Great DNC Email Purge: All20,000 Leaked Democratic National Committee Emails DELETED From WikileaksServer


· Wed. 6 April 2022: Thousands of Children Rescued, Mutilated BodiesRecovered, from Biden-owned Ukraine Property Containing US Run Bio-Weapon Labs

· Thurs. 28 Oct. 2021: Fauci, Big Pharma Tortuous Experiments on FosterChildren – Over 200 Died · Thurs. 28 Oct. 2021: Catholics, Government, ElitesKidnapped, Tortured, Killed Native Women, Children – well over 60,000

· Thurs. 27 June 2024 Guatemala: The Biden administrationis up to something and they don't want us knowing about it said the SecretaryGeneral of Guatemala, who claimed the US Embassy gave him a message saying he'splaying with fire if he takes part in this interview. The Secretary Generalclaimed the Joe Biden Admin was actively trying to “BLOCK an investigation intoa pedophile ring involving many high level politicians and businessmen andtransferring millions of dollars to eradicated names, over $500 million intotal. He also said they're harboring illegal alien pedophiles and murderers.Guatemala wants to arrest these people, but the Biden administration won'tcooperate. That's where your tax dollars are going”.


· Thurs. 27 June 2024 Danish authorities will levy €100 cow as the firsttax on greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. According to the FinancialTimes, livestock accounts for 11% of global emissions, with cows producingalmost two-thirds of them. I would like to remind everyone that CO2 accountsONLY for 0,04% of the atmosphere and that human activity (including farming)accounts for only 3% of that 0,04%! The carbon emissions narrative is a totalFRAUD to control and tax us to oblivion!

I. THURS. 27 JUNE 2024 BIDEN CRIME FAMILY: · Since Joe Biden was VicePresident, his family and their shell companies have hauled in $18 million fromforeign sources.

▪️ $7.3 million from China ▪️ $4 million from Ukraine ▪️$3.5 million from Russia ▪️ $1 million from Romania ▪️ $1 million from Panama ▪️$142,300 from Kazakhstan (for a Porsche!) ▪️ $1 million in other foreignpayments

· Joe Biden met with nearly every foreign nationalfunneling his family millions of dollars. ▪️ Chairman of CEFC Ye Jianming ▪️Chinese Fund Executive Jonathan Li ▪️ Burisma Corporate Secretary VadymPozharsky ▪️ Russian Oligarch Yelena Baturina ▪️ Kazakhstani Oligarch KenesRakishev

· Joe Biden's son and brother have lied to Congress abouthis role in his family's corrupt influence peddling schemes. ▪️ Lie: HunterBiden had no affiliation with the slush fund account that received foreignpayments after foreign business associates met with then-Vice President Biden.

▪️ Lie: Hunter Biden sent the threatening text to thewrong Chinese business partner invoking Joe Biden’s presence and expectationsabout payment. ▪️ Lie: James Biden said Joe Biden did not meet with TonyBobulinski while they were pursuing a deal with a Chinese Communist Partyaffiliated entity.

· We've referred Hunter and James Biden to the JusticeDepartment for Criminal Prosecution for making false statements to Congress. ·We will continue to hold Joe Biden and his family accountable for theircorruption.

J. THURS. 27 JUNE 2024 WHITE HAT INTEL: · BIDEN will stepdown around August 19. Several sources including U S. Colonial DouglasMacgregor is setting this date. The CIA/DNC want BIDEN removed.

· MICHAEL (MICHELLE) OBAMA is talking with CIA/DNC tostep as Presidential candidate after Biden removal (I had said this was goingto happen long ago. Now several insiders are giving these CABLES.)

· In the next 3 months CIA/FBI are planning to stage a George Floyd likeevent to SPARK RACE WARS and this WILL be part of Obamas Plan to run on theStaged false flag event.

· The CIA/DNC Deep State Attorney Generals and courts are trying to setup Trump to be arrested after the debate Thurs. 27 June 2024. They are planningto use Gag Orders that are illegally in place. They are hoping Trump breaks theGag Order.

· Deep State Attorney Generals and Courts are already filling arrestorders in the state of Georgia. · The White Hat Intelligence knows thatwhatever happens on Thurs, Trump will be arrested in the next months.

· Trump must be out of harms way and cannot be connectedto the Super Massive collapse that’s going to happen with the Near CivilizationDeath Events and near Civil War riots. Trump is highly protected by theMilitary Operations.

· You are watching Military Operations play out that were leading to11.3 Laws of War Operations and protocol. · The Russia Gate exposure is set infull motion. Paul Ryan had the Russian Dossier and knew it was all fake and aset up, but held the full papers.

· No panic in DC as White Hats are washing to exposeRussia Gate and painting a picture of Treason. · Treason: CIA operations wereusing SOROS money to create Secretary of State project to buy and electSecretary of State officials to change voting rules and laws.

· Lots is happening Patriots, including the FederalReserve being hacked by cyber attack. It’s a fake inside job and the Deep Stateis trying to attempt to use this false flag event to start Central Bank DigitalCurrency.

· Right now the feds are blaming Russian-linked gang claims on FederalReserve hack - and their threats to release America's banking secrets TODAY.

· Months ago I gave you this information so you could understand theMilitary White Hats know every stage of ALL OPERATIONS and counter measure andGAME THEORY OPERATIONS are in place.


· On the political scene right now we are dealing with a scripted movie.Ezra Cohen, Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Securityduring the Trump Administration, explained, “We are watching a movie and a lotof what we are seeing was completely bullsh*t and fake. The whole election wasfake, along with a fake inauguration, fake executive orders and fake OvalOffice. Right now the Military was controlling our country until the newelections in a couple of months. The Vatican owned the corrupt DC Corporationand that was no longer. It would soon be a republic for which it stands underthe Constitution as originally intended. Many corrupt DC rats and Hollywoodpedophiles have gone to jail and/ or been executed for crimes of High Treasonand Conspiracy. Many more are in the process of meeting justice via MilitaryTribunals. Things will be made public in time, and very soon. No more secrets.No more games.”

· After Trump was inaugurated in 2016 he put an Interim Military USGovernment in place to run the country. Ever since the USA has been functioningunder Martial Law with Donald Trump as Commander-in-Chief over the US Military.

· Some in the Pentagon had been preparing for this for over twentyyears. They knew that the US government was corrupt throughout includingCongress and the three letter agencies.

· By 2018 Joe Biden was said to have been arrested by the Military,tried for Treason and Pedophilia, found guilty and executed at GITMO. He hasbeen played by actors ever since, mainly Arthur Roberts.

· Since the 2021 “inauguration” of Actor Biden, there has been two USgovernments in force: (1) a legitimate Interim Military US Government empoweredby the Constitution and the Department of Defense under Military Code 11.3, and(2) an illegal, fraudulent foreign paid-for, foreign controlled (on the foreignground of the District of Columbia) Biden Administration.

· Trump would remain as Commander-In-Chief of the US Military until allthose who committed treason were arrested, including those who certified theillegal 2020 Election.

· In that role after his 2016 inauguration, Trump immediately hired USAttorney General for Utah John Huber and 740 investigators to look into allegedcrimes of at least 140 Congress people and other political elites includingHillary Clinton. They later named these people in over 223,000+ sealedindictments filed in federal courts across the nation, while other traitor’scases were processed through State Grand Juries.

· Of those, 85% to 95% indicted were Democrats, intermixed with a fewRino Republicans. The majority of charges were said to be pedophilia, childexploitation, misappropriation of US Taxpayer funds and conspiring with foreignpowers to influence the 2020 Presidential Election – an act of Treason. Someserious charges couldn’t be brought because Obama pardoned so many during hislast days in office.

· These elected officials were said to be conspiring with foreign powersled by the Chinese Communist Party, to interfere with the 2020 Election.

· By 2024 there was said to be over 450,000 sealed indictments againstGlobal and Political Elites which had been filed in federal courts across thenation. It was reported that when Global Elites were served, “The deal thatthey got was that if they gave information that was useful, they could have abetter death, or a jail cell for life. Obama gave up Michelle, and thenbreached his warrant”.

· In June of 2024 Charlie Ward reported “Of the 450,000 indictments andTribunals held we are in the last 5-10,000 to complete.” As of 1 May 2024another 500,000 sealed indictments were released to arrest Judges, attorneys,mayors and governors. In addition, Space Force along with other military fromaround the world, have arrested over 8,000,000 Nazi Cabal Deep State TreasonousTraitors.

· An arrest list has come out of elected politicians who have committedtreason and crimes of pedophilia used to blackmail them for their vote. Of 100Senators on the list, 93 had been charged with treason. Even more members ofthe Democratic Congress (a suspected 80%) also faced treason charges.

· The Military under Trump had also been tasked with conducting a returnto a gold/asset-backed dollar and to insure that the US Republic was restoredto original laws of the Constitution as written prior to 1871.

· That operation for the US return to the Gold Standard actually beganin Jan. 2020 during a government shutdown for Covid. President Trump was saidto have reorganized several agencies including the US Treasury, IRS and FederalReserve. Now the US Military had control of all assets including taxpayerdollars at the new US Treasury near Reno.

2020 ELECTION FRAUD:· There was a Sat. 9 Jan 2020 raid by US MilitarySpecial Op Teams on CIA Headquarters in Langley Virginia. The raid producedfirm evidence that the CIA, Democrats and other traitors had conspired withforeign entities led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), to interfere in the2020 Election.

· For many years the Chinese Communist Party (not theChinese government, which was working to become a democracy) had been involvedin a takeover of America. That war culminated when just prior to the 2020 USPresidential Election, the CCP bought Dominion Voting machines that incollusion with the Democratic Party, CIA and Vatican, threw millions of Trumpvotes to Biden.

· Months prior to the 2020 Election Trump made sure every state was sentwatermarked ballots in which to print names of those running in the 2020Election. A Military count of those water marked 2020 Election Ballots laterconfirmed that Trump won in every state but one with an over 80% win.

· The CCP paid for and the CIA developed Smartmatic Software andDominion Voting Machines while conspiring with the Vatican, Italian Governmentand other communist parties to throw Trump votes to Biden in the 2020 Election.

· Back in 2019 Biden’s actor knew the 2020 Election would be cooked andeven said so in public, “We have put together the most comprehensive voterfraud organization in the history of politics and you guys did it for the ObamaAdministration also”: Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive andinclusive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history. (

· The Democrats were so confident of the set up for 2020 Election fraudthat they had the Biden actor brag that he didn’t need US citizen votes to getelected: Joe Biden Tells Voters “I Don’t Need You To Get Me Elected”(

· Before the 2020 Election Ukraine Courts had ruled that Biden hadstolen billions from their country:

· Even before that US Vice President Biden had bragged aboutblackmailing the Ukraine prosecutor: UKRAINE PRESS RELEASE ABOUT JOE BIDEN

· On Thurs. 28 Jan. 2020 certain traitors in both the House and Senaterecognized Trump as the acting US President when they voted, again, to try toimpeach him. Under rules of the Constitution you could not impeach a USPresident if he didn’t presently hold the office.

· None of the 2020 Election Fraud tactics worked for the Democrats – butthey didn’t know it. Within days of the fraudulent 2020 Election the USMilitary had completed and verified an official count of watermarked ballotsthat proved Trump won the election by an over 80% vote.

· At that point the Military decided to keep Biden in as a so-calledpresident of the bankrupt US Inc. in order to charge them with the crimes theywould commit. Obama had pardoned so many that they needed new crimes in orderto convict them.

· Just prior to Biden’s pre-recorded-in-Hollywood-by-Castle RockEntertainment Inauguration, Washington DC, Capitol Hill and the White Housewere secured within miles of barbed wire fences and 60,000 National Guardtroops. Over a week later, over 30,000 troops and the barbed wire fencingremained.

· For the next two days after the Jan. 20 2021 Inauguration the Militarywas said to have gathered over 200 elected officials from various stategovernments. They were said to have taken them for a helicopter rides, forcingthem to confess about crimes of treason in regard to foreign interference(including the Chinese Communist Party) in the 2020 Election.

· Early Mon. morning 25 Jan. 2021from 3am to 6am arrests of 80 to 140Congress people were underway at Capitol Hill – after which Congress seemed tohave disappeared.House cancels business during first full Bidenweek – Washington Times US Military at the White House Arresting Congress |Politics | Before It’s News

· The war between the CCP and the US actually ended on Thurs. 28 Jan.2020. Former Navy Intelligence officer Simeon Parkes reported a showdown in theSouth China Sea. The CCP had been trying to take over Taiwan. Taiwan was wheregold was stored that would back countries including the US, for a GlobalCurrency Reset. Parks said that there were air battles between America andTaiwan fighter jets against CCP jets and “the CCP lost big time.”

· The New World Order fans had lost their war. A banker source out ofZurich said they had promised to settle everything by Fri. 29 Jan.

MILITARY TRIBUNALS:· By Jan. 2 2020 Military Tribunals were said to havealready began at GITMO for high profile elites such as the Clintons, Obamas andBushes. Charges against them were believed to include Capital High Treason,Election Fraud, Child Sex Trafficking, Money Laundering, Misappropriation of USTaxpayer Funds, plus Uranium One, 9/11 and Benghazi crimes.

· Deep State Special prosecutor Robert Mueller wasbelieved to have been charged for his involvement in the 9/11 cover-up (he wasappointed FBI Director 7 days before 9/11 and oversaw 9/11 so-called“investigations”), plus he conducted an ongoing fake Russian witch-hunt againstTrump.

· Earlier that Saturday morning 9 Jan. 2020 there had been two attemptson Trump and his wife Melania’s lives (there were said to have been twelve plussuch attempts since he gained office). Trump had had enough. He immediatelyinstigated the Insurrection Act (put into law by George Bush Jr. after 9/11),and then turned his authority over to the US Military.


· On Jan. 11 2021 Trump was believed to have been inaugurated aspresident of the Restored Republic. That position was later confirmed on July 42021 at Mt. Rushmore where JFK Jr. was sworn in as Trump’s Vice President.

· The US Military was restoring the US Republic to laws underlying theoriginal Constitution as written prior to 1871. That election was planned to beheld on 4 March 2021 through use of a transparent, secure and instantaneousQuantum Voting Computer where citizens could vote using their own computers, orphones.

· On Jan. 18 2021 the US Military began sweeping arrests of Congress.

· On 19 Jan. 2021 with overwhelming evidence of voter fraud yet to beallowed a court hearing, the US was said to have been officially placed underMartial Law until a new election could be held. That announcement was sent toall Mass Media outlets for release – though none would put out the information– in more acts of treason.

· On 20 Jan. 2021 Actor Arthur Roberts calling himself Joe Biden, wassworn in as president of a bankrupt and defunct US Inc. Corporation. Biden’sactual Inauguration was said to be filmed on a Castle Rock Entertainment stagein Hollywood two weeks prior to 20 Jan. 2021 Inauguration Day.

· On Mon. 15 Feb. 2021 lights were again out at White House and therewere reports of gun fire. Witnesses reported that they were using a vast amountof tunnels under the White House to move prisoners. On that same Mon. 15 the early morning hours at least 5-6 police cars loaded up from the WhiteHouse, left, and returned five or six times.

· On Thurs. 18 Feb. 2021 at 3am EST dozens of Military Attorneys JAGSarrived at the White House, 20,000 troops had been sworn in as US Marshalls, atleast half of Congress were in the process of being arrested, a convoy of busesarrived at Capitol Hill, emptied groups of what appeared to be JAG lawyers andthen were filled with what appeared to be prisoners.

· On Tues. evening 23 Feb. 2021 thousands of rounds were heard firedaround Capitol Hill. It was rumored that over 200,000 Chinese troops (CCP) werein underground tunnels and bases around Washington D.C. and said to have beenthere for months. The US military was clearing them out.

· On that same Tues. evening 23 Feb. 2021 there were pictures of peoplein orange jump suits with black hoods on their head, being taken out of thefenced in area of D.C. It was said that there were many found hiding in Congressbuildings and being hunted down.

· For the next four years one of the two US Governments was in charge ofBiden and making him sign blank Executive Orders on a stage set of the OvalOffice. The White House was said to be empty.

· While the Actor Biden pretended to be US President, Trump was headingUS, Russian and Indian forces that were helping China’s President Xi invade theChinese Mainland to remove the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and install aninterim democratic government.

· In the early Mon. morning hours of 17 June 2024 between 3 and 6 am ablackout occurred in Washington DC around the White House. Police, US troops,Military vans, buses and police cars were everywhere loading up passengers,taking them down the road and across a bridge and then coming back empty to doa repeat. When it was over and seemingly on Q, fireworks lit up the sky.

· Fri. 21 June 2024: Evidently within the last month or so the SupremeCourt privately heard and made a decision on the Brunson Case that allegedCongress failed to investigate allegations of 2020 Voter Fraud beforecertifying the 2020 election. If a public announcement of a positive decisionwas made it would automatically dissolve the Biden Administration and all ofCongress.

· This week there were massive internet and network outages on the EastCoast said to be a cover for Special Operations (SOF) units making arrests ofDeep State bad guys. It was likely that rolling blackouts would occur in otherareas of the country as arrests were being made. Communications would be cutoff for a short period of time.

· The banks, which had been functioning of fiat US Dollars since 2008,were set to begin their collapse this coming weekend.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of June 28, 2024 (2024)
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