Portugal vs Slovenia highlights: Cristiano Ronaldo in tears after missing crucial penalty in Uefa Euro 2024 R16 match - BBC News Pidgin (2024)

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Portugal qualify for di quarter finals of di ongoing Euro 2024 afta dem beat Slovenia 3-0 on penalties afta extra time.

For di ‘dramatic night’ wey last 121 minutes, Slovenia and Portugal miss plenty opportunities to end di match during regular time.

Cristiano Ronaldo wey be Portugal team captain cry afta Slovenia goalkeeper Oblak save im penalty kick wey for give dem di lead during half time.

Di drama no end dia, as few minutes later Slovenia get one-on-one chance to score but dem play di ball wide, Portugal goalkeeper Diogo Costa save di ball.

For di shootout, Slovenia no score any of dia kicks as Portugal no miss any kick.

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Diogo Costa of Portugal become di hero of di day as e save three penalty kicks back to back.

Portugal go face France for di last 8.

Penalty shootout

Portugal win afta dem beat Slovenia 3-0 on penalties afta extra time.

Portugal don qualify for di quarter finals.

121’ Bernardo Silva of Portugal score!

121’ Penalty save! Benjamin Verbic of Slovenia miss im kick as Diogo Costa, Portugal goalkeeper save am.

121’Bruno Fernandes of Portugal score!

121’ Miss Jure Balkovec of Slovenia miss.

121’ Cristiano Ronaldo score im penalty kick!

121’ Miss! Josip Illicic of Slovenia miss

120+2 Referee don resume for penalty shootout and na Slovenia go start.

Extra Time

Portugal 0-0 Slovenia

Match don enta penalties like dis, winner must dey

121’ End of second period of extra time.

120’ Referee add 1 minute.

120’ Bernardo Silva play short corner.

117’ Joao Cancelo don comot Nelson Semedo replace am.

117’ Substitution for Portugal, Pepe don comot Ruben Neves enta.

116’ Francisco Conceido cross di ball into di box but defenders clear di threat.

115’ Diogo Costa of Portugal make beta save as Benjamin Sesko of Slovenia bin try to score one-on -one.

107’ Jure Balkeovec collect yellow card , im go miss di next match if Slovenia qualify.

106’ Second half of extra time don start.

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Portugal 0-0 Slovenia

105+2 End of First half of extra time.

105‘ Save! Cristiano Ronaldo play di penalty but Oblak save am! Cristiano Ronaldo dey cry afta Oblak save im penalty kick.

105’ Afta VAR review dem give penalty to Portugal.

103’ Penalty for Portugal afta Vanja Drkusic cut short goal attempt.

101’ Jon Gorensic of Slovenia collect yellow card afta im commit foul.

100’ Diogo Jota of Portugal dey beta position as e meet one cross, e head di ball towards middle of goal, but Oblak clear am again.

98’ Portugal dey control di ball wit short short passes, dem dey find space to enta Slovenia defence.

96’ Slovenia player Jon Gorenc Stankovic play di ball veri wide off to di right post from di edge of di box . Di ball comot from di pitch, goal kick for Portugal.

95’ Benjamin Verbic of Slovenia manage di small space im get, e fire di ball from di edge of di box but defenders block am.

93’ Portugal dey block di passes wey Slovenia dey make while Slovenia no wan give Portugal chance for defence line.

92’ Slovenia player Timi Max Elsnik drag di jersey of im opponent, Referee blow foul.

91’ First 15 minutes of extra time don start.

Second Half

Portugal 0-0 Slovenia

90+4 End of normal time. Match go enta extra time now.

90+3 Corner kick for Portugal again, Bruno Fernandes play am but e miss Ronaldo head.

90+ 3 Corner for Portugal but Slovenia goalkeeper Oblak clear am from Bruno Fernandes.

91+ 1 Zan Celar of Slovenia dey offside.

90’ Referee add 4 minutes.

89’ Slovenia goalkeeper Oblak no dey give Cristiano Ronaldo space at all, e just dey catch all di ball Ronaldo dey try to score.

88’ Portugal clear Jure Balkovec cross.

86’ Substitution for Slovenia, Peter Stojanovic don comot and Benjamin Verbic don enta.

84’ Slovenia defence dey Odingba as dem don clear all di goal threats from Portugal.

83’ Portugal dey in possession of di ball wit short shorts passes, dem dey try to drag Slovenia players out.

81’ Mendes play one beta cross into do penalty area but opposition defender block am.

78‘ Cristiano Ronaldo try to find di head of im teammate in di box but e over hit di ball. Di ball go out of play. Goal kick for Slovenia.

76’ Substitution for Portugal, Rafael Leao don comot Francisco Conceido don enta.

74’ Substitution for Slovenia, Jan Mlakar don comot and Jan Gorensic replace am. Andraz Sporar don comot and Zan Celar enta for am.

72’ Ronaldo of Portugal play am but e go over di bar. Goal kick for Slovenia.

71’ Foul against Slovenia, freekick for Portugal.

69’ Pelar Stojanovic of Slovenia fail to reach di box as Portugal defence block am.

66. Cristiano Ronaldo dey on a solo run but im no fit create any chance as Slovenia player block am.

65’ Substitution for Portugal Vitinha don comot and Diogo Jota don enta.

63’ Joao Cancelo of Portugal cross di ball into di box from near di side line but e no connect to im players sake of Slovenia tight defence.

62’ Chance for Slovenia afta Sesko win ball come start counter attack, im

make good run into di box but e no shoot di ball well as e go wide off di right of di empty post.

60’ Slovenia player Adam Cerin volley di ball from outside di box but di ball fly to di sky!

58’ Plenti Portugal players balance for di box dey wait for cross but Bernardo Silva do short pass instead.

57’ Slovenia players block Portugal player Vitinha cross.

55’ Cristiano Ronaldo play di free kick but e land for Oblak, Slovenia goalkeeper hand.

54’ Adam Cerin cause free kick for Portugal afta im foul im opponent.

52’ Portugal player Vitinha strike di ball towards goal from long range but one Slovenia defender block am.

52’ Ruben Dias cross no dey successful as Slovenia defenders clear di ball.

51’ Benjamin Sesko of Portugal dey offside wen im dey make one run towards goal.

49’ Adam Caron of Slovenia play short corner kick.

47’ Bernardo Silva of Portugal get beta chance to score inside di box afta ball bounce meet am but di ball fly over di bar!

47’ Timi Max make one yeye challenge and referee blow foul.

46’ Referee Orsato don blow whistle, second half don start.

First Half

Portugal 0-0 Slovenia

45+3 First half don end.

45+1 Referee blow whistle for foul against Bruno Fernandes of Portugal.

45’ Referee show 2 mins added time.

43’ One long cross bin meet Bruno Fernandes of Portugal but defenders clear am.

42’ Di two teams just dey hustle for di ball to get possession bifor half time whistle.

41’ Cristiano Ronaldo dey offside.

40’ Corner kick for Slovenia l, Adam Caron play am wit short pass.

37’ Freekick for Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo play am but e go wide towards di right corner of di post.

37’ Yellow card for Zan Karnicnik of Slovenia for foul.

35’ Portugal get anoda corner kick, Vitinha play am but na short corner nothing come out from am.

33’ Portugal get free kick, Cristiano Ronaldo play am but e curl pass di bar! E nearly enta net.

32’ Yellow card for Vanjan of Slovenia for foul.

32’ Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal bin get one ball near di penalty area, e play shot towards goal but goalkeeper of Slovenia save di ball.

30’ Portugal player Ruben Dias go offside.

28’ Corner kick for Portugal, Bernardo Silva play am but nothing come out.

27’ Portugal get chance for counter attack as Bernardo Silva carry di ball dey run but e no work as dem plan am. Di ball no reach Cristiano Ronaldo wey bin dey di box dey wait for di cross.

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25’ Joao Palhinha of Portugal commit handball.

24’ Portugal dey try to drag Slovenia players out but e neva work.

22’ Zan Karnicnik of Slovenia bin wan pass one beta ball but Portugal players block am.

20’ Nuno Mendes of Portugal don get small injury as e call for medical help, but im don stand up and game don kontinu.

18’ Referee blow whistle for foul against Jan Malakai.

16’ Bruno Fernandes cross ball into di box, but Slovenia defenders no dey sleep at all, dem clear di ball.

14’ Bernardo Silva of Portugal play one beta ball wey dey go di direction Bruno Fernandes for di box area but im no fit reach di pass. Di ball go out of play and na goal kick for Slovenia.

12’ Zan Karnicnik of Slovenia snatch di ball from im opponent leg but referee blow foul.

10’ Vitinha play corner kick for Portugal but e land for dia opponent head.

9’ Portugal dey press Slovenia for opening minutes of dis match as Cristiano Ronaldo dey play fancy football wit im dribbling and jogging skills.

8‘ Cristiano Ronaldo try to dribble in opponent and referee ignore a call for foul.

7’ Vitinha of Portugal play one mid-range free kick but di cross no land well.

5’ Ruben Dias of Portugal goal attempt fly wide go di right post. Goal kick for Slovenia.

4’ Bruno Fernandes hit di ball go di penalty area but defender block am.

4’ Nuno Fernandes of Portugal run towards goal but defender clear di ball.

2’ Now now dem don raise flag for Bernardo Silva for offside.

1’ Referee Daniele Oresto don blow whistle match don start.

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Line ups

Portugal starting 11: Diogo Costa, Nuno Mendes, Pepe, Rúben Dias, João Cancelo,

João Palhinha, Vitinha, Rafael Leão, Bruno Fernandes, Bernardo Silva, Cristiano Ronaldo

Slovenia starting 11: J. Oblak, Balkove, J. Bijol, V. Drkušić, Ž. Karničnik, J. Mlakar

T. Elšnik, A. Gnezda Čerin, P. Stojanović, B. Šeškol, A. Šporar

Portugal vs Slovenia highlights: Cristiano Ronaldo in tears after missing crucial penalty in Uefa Euro 2024 R16 match  - BBC News Pidgin (2024)
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