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Sunday, May 30, 1993 The Arizona Republic T5 How to shoot your best shot on a trip Anchorage S26 CotumDus 238 San 148 Chicago 323 Dallas 236 NewYoi 318 Minneapolis 318 Seattle 278 Detroit 306 Salt Lake City 118 For more information listen to ON VACATION with The Travel Group Sunday at 3 pm on KF'1 910 AM. Special Group Discounts' "The sun started to come up, but the day was completely cloudy, so there was no direct light on the rock," Cheater recalls. "We were wet, cold and feeling extremely disappointed when, suddenly, there was a gap in the clouds. The sun broke through momentarily not more than 15 or 20 seconds with a brilliant, orange-yellow light that set the rock on fire and illuminated the desert bushes in the foreground. "I just had time to make three exposures, varying the lens and shutter-speed settings.

Then the sun went behind the clouds, and that was it." 3's company in Cuzco Not only the scenes you see but the people you meet can make memorable travel pictures that bring your visual record alive, as with Michelle Ford's charming 1990 prizewinner. While walking in the streets of IHWH.HIfWA'mi VALLEYWIDE 867-1810 Restrictions. cvance purchase ancvor wmutiont may af. AH prices subject tc ctange Round inp travot may reomred Ortatrt total wport taies may acoV HIT 'iiw3 -mJ 9-5PM Cat For Free Brochure Lowett Pncei GuJfantwd i -t i iHHinn 1 1 i i I Lot Angel San Dteqo PHteburgh Philadelphia Orlando. Newark Honolulu HT air.

7 dey car rt HAWAII 5 ft it $459 271 MAZATLAN $31r1 3r $2S0 tJMrt JHJERTO VALLAflTA 3Urt rwr j299 $21 CHSWEYLAND $37 lit $203 RESTRICTIONS APPLY OHM 7 DAYS A WEEK iin Learning photo skills is a matter of course Cuzco, Ford, who since has become a professional photographer, encountered a picturesque threesome: an Indian woman carrying a child and accompanied by a llama. The woman, although in a hurry, was willing to have her picture taken in exchange for a small tip. Ford selected a location in front of an ancient Inca stone wall that made a non-distracting background, then adjusted the 70-2 10mm zoom lens on her 35mm Nikon 2020 camera to about the 100mm setting for a frame-filling horizontal composition. The little group held still just long enough for two exposures on Fuji-chrome 100 film, one that caught the llama's comical, seemingly pleased expression a touch of whimsy that makes this picture stand out from the ordinary. Expect the unexpected Perhaps these outstanding travel 18-23 and 25-30 in Santa Fe.

They include a photo day trip to Taos, instruction on color, photographing people and going pro, and three critiques. Tundra Tom, Great Canadian Ecoventures, P.O. Box 25181-H, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2V-4C8, Canada; 1-800-667-WILD. Tent-camping photo expeditions during July and August to the immense, unspoiled wilderness east of Great Slave Lake and west of Hudson Bay, where herds of musk oxen graze, caribou herds migrate and wolves howl. Brooks Institute of Photography, 801 Alston Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108; 1-805-966-3888, Ext.

215. This leading photographic teaching center in southern California offers intensive one-, two- and three-day workshops for photographers of all levels. Subjects include travel photography, nature, people, lighting, the zone system and many more. Rocky Mountain School of Pho 1 WEEK! AIISTRAI IA 1 ilfl phx SYDrEY FROM PHX WaW WCUJOeSA HOIEL. TKANSF.


ADVENTURE BOUND TRAVEL Country Club Southern Ave. 962-1999 n. PRINCESS CRUISES" FALL 1993 7-DAY MEXICO November 27, December 4 1 1 $599 inside stateroom $699 outside $899 deluxe cruise only Call Sandy 266-4000-800-445-6527 CAMELBACK ODYSSEY TRAVEL SCHAIER TRAVEL BUY 1 COMPANION FLIES FREE! PHOENIX TO: Sacramento $198 RT St Louis $318 RAT Oakland $198 RT El Paso $118 RrM San RT Little Rock $488 RT I Los Angeles $118 RT Cleveland $468 RT I Amanllo $198 RT Louisville $478 RT Albuquerque $118 RT Houston $338 RT I Lubbock $198 RT Reno $208 HT I Scottsdale to Laughlin $140 RT plus MtNy none ernes. CALL FOR DETAILS. TRAVEL IFFCCnvE THRU 10-2943.

BASED ON AVAILABILITY. RESTRICTIONS APPLY FARES SUBJECT TO CHANGE 1892-1300 LAUGHLIN (SB FROM ONLY I CEFRA DISCOUNT TRAVEL BBLWgS--S129 HAWAII lns HTL vr-' I munil Transfers sigfts -fS kxsm i'JJUJ CRUISE MEXICO COfiQ 4 Days, from Phx Restr. Apply 'j-, Ta LAS VEGAS 2NTs.HTL.aMB, QO nook. 2 lunwes (WlrarW-X JQ Hwfrtcoly Ta SUMMER LONDON 7Days, RTAir, HTL, Tax, CQflR Transfers, Some Meals, 0 Restr. Apply svx op jw SS, 866-2992 1 991-3030 993-6600 By Arthur Goldsmith Universal Press Syndicate Here are just a few of the many tours and workshops giving courses in travel photography.

Workshops provide, in a fixed location, a variety of courses for beginners and advanced students taught by experienced professionals. The Maine Photographic Workshops, 2 Central Rockport, ME 04856; 1-207-236-8581. Established in 1873, and located in a lovely seacoast village, the Maine workshops have become one of the largest and leading photo centers in the world. From May through October, it offers more than 200 one- and two-week courses and master classes on many aspects of photography, including travel for serious amateurs and professionals. Travel Photography Workshops, P.O.

Box 2847, Santa Fe, NM 87504-2847; 1-505-982-4979. Leading travel photographer Lisl Dennis will conduct six-day workshops Sept. Name (Typb or Print Carkkully) Street City Phone (Area Code) Entry Subject Contest Entry Form 111 I rif unbook I nc Oinn, Uulfct if It I Apt. i pictures will inspire you to improve your own travel photography. One way to do this is by participating in one of the many photographic workshops being offered at attractive locations nationwide this summer.

Although workshops and instruction can help you make better pictures, the quality of the photographs taken often is directly related to the intensity of a travel experience. Cultivate a state of relaxed alertness. Expect the unexpected. Be open to serendipitous gifts: If you believe in them, they'll often come to you. But keep travel photography in perspective because, alter all, it is only the record however valuable of an experience, not the reality.

It would be a pity to become so absorbed in your photography that you miss the pleasure of the living moment itself. Arthur Goldsmith is a free-lance writer who contributes a photography column to National Geographic Traveler. tography, P.O. Box 7605, Missoula, MT 59807; 1-406-543-0171. Provides more than 20 weekend and weeklong workshops, including a week in Yellowstone National Park with George Wuerthner and Neil Chaput De Saintonge, from Aug.

28 to Sept. 4. Also offers a 10-week career-training program every June, July and August. For a detailed listing, including more than 400 programs, see the 1993 edition of Photography Travel Workshop Directory, available for free from Serbin Communications 511 Olive Santa Barbara, CA 93101; 1-805-963-0439. Trips, tours and workshop listings also are provided in each issue of these newsstand magazines: Outdoor Photographer, 12121 Wilshire Suite 1220, Los Angeles, CA 90025-1 175, 1-310-820-1500; and Outdoor Travel Photography, 1115 Broadway, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10010, 1-212-807-7100.

Enclosed ll Taken The form for the fifth annual amateur photo contest by National Geographic Traveler permits four individual entries. TOURS INC. Flamingo Mon.Jue., Thur. $5.00 Flamingo Sat. $10.00 FridaySaturday PM $5.00 Fit A.M.

Turnarounds $5.00 A.M. Turnarounds $10.00 Colorado Bell Overnighter June 17 '25 per person dbl. occ. All Trips Include Buffet Fun Books Valleywide Pickup-No Minors 6300 N. 27th Ave Suite 6B.

Phx 85017 Hours: M-F 9-5. Sat. Sun. 10-4 FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL: 249-4181 or 249-4270 I 'i I 4i 111 1 lT. iiri j.iiTMi, a.

uri mm V.aia. LAUGHLIN TURNAROUND $5.00 EVERYDAYEDGEWATER MEAL FUNBOOK, INCLUDED, NON-MONITORED Every Monday Ladies go FREE! LAUGHLIN OVERNIGHT GRAND CANYON cn DAY TRIP 2 Meas i Fur, Bco ppj June 20th June 27th July 25th P.p- NOGALES 1 Winery San Xwwr Mluion June 6th a July 11 th 10 PP- "See the Red Rocks ot Sedona" SEDONA SHOPPING SPREE June 13th, July 18th $1 5 p.p. ruADTcb rnarucc auau Am "ftCfif LOCATIONS ncJuOa Main Dotwon Mm. MitnSchool Haydan ScorMWa. Tin avt.

Camalback. S9th Ait. 4 Norma and 99i aw. i Ban. VKA aVC aeowtad.

Prtcaa and Caalnoa auopct 10 cnanga noSc. Paymant eoraVma raaarvationa. No rahmda. ill all 1-800-4 BUS RIDE (1-800-42K-774J) Vim-J Ih-m hotel in I IWU Anznn.i puhhi kmlrr-, Coll r.ife'iifMiMm-11! SPECIALLY Calf for your Detailed brochure today 985 AVEL I Cancellation psnaritaa do apply Airline Amtfacfc Ticketing -4200 LAUGHLIN TURNAROUNDS DAILY 5 OVERNIGHTS FROM $25 t.l ICAkl niCf AC BRYCEZIONLAKE POWELL Jun 27-30 from $239 CLARKDALE TRAINSEDONA ON 50. TOUR DURANGOSILVERTON Pius Canyon 4 Greal 1 Have Read All The Rules For The Contest As Printed At Right And Accept All Tin: Conditions Stated Therein.

Signature Mail Submissions To: Photo Contest, National Geographic Traveler, P.O. Box 98013, Washington, DC 20090-8013 HOW TO, from pageTl He was out in a Land-Rover on a game drive in Chobe National Park, Botswana, when the group came upon a lioness with four cubs feeding on a waterbuck. Estep was seated in the rear of the open-sided vehicle nearest the lioness, with a Minolta 35mm single-lens reflex camera loaded with Kodachrome 200 film. Annoyed at the interruption, the lioness signaled her cubs to move away, then suddenly turned and charged straight at Estep. "I already had my camera ready and up to my eye," he says.

"I took one shot. She paused and made a second charge, and I snapped again. I didn't have time to change to a telephoto lens but just shot with the standard lens I had on the camera. She came as near to me as about 6 or 8 feet, giving me a close-up view." Fortunately for Estep, the lioness was only making what the guide called "false charges" to drive the interlopers away. Was Estep frightened? "Yes I was, but I didn't realize it at the time." The lioness left, and Estep returned home with a vivid travel memory and a once-in-a-lifetime close-up of eyeball-to-eyeball ferocity.

Ayers the rock! Serendipitous photographic opportunities provided by changing lighting effects or a fleeting mood of nature also call for fast reflexes and a sense of timing, as happened to Mark Cheater with his 1991 prizewinning picture of Ayers Rock, an Australian landmark. Cheater, an editor for an environmental institution, visited Australia during an around-the-world trip with his wife. Leaving their desert campground before dawn on a drizzly day, they hitchhiked 10 miles to the site. Cheater was using a 35mm Nikon N-2000 camera with a 28mm (wide-angle) lens and Kodachrome 200 film. He set up his camera on a lightweight backpacker's tripod and waited for the sun to rise.

Picture perfect contest Amateurs can win trip for 2 to China Universal Press Syndicate The editors of National Geographic Traveler invite all amateur photographers to enter the magazine's fifth annual photography contest. In each of the past four years, it has received 15,000 to 26,000 pictures, many of exceptionally high quality. Winners have received prizes of trips to foreign countries and American cities, cash and photographic equipment. This year, the top prize is a trip for two to China, and others include a trip to the Amazon, a llama trek in New Mexico's Indian country, a trip to New Orleans, camera equipment and cash totaling $7,000. Here are the rules: Media 35mm color transparencies or color prints only.

For color prints, the original color negative or color transparency, if the print was made from a transparency must be available so winners' pictures can be published. Specifications Color transparencies must be mounted in standard 2- by 2-inch cardboard or plastic slide mounts. Color prints may be any size up to 8 by 10 inches. No glass mounts or framed photographs will be accepted. Entries To qualify, photographs submitted must have been made in 1992 or 1993 and must not have been published.

Entries should include a model release for any recognizable people, if feasible. You may enter up to four individual photographs. They may be all color transparencies, all color prints, or a mixture. An official entry blank or a legible facsimile must accompany the entered photograph or photographs. Your name and address must be placed on the frame of each color slide and on the back of each color print.

To avoid damage, all entries should be packaged in cardboard for mailing. If you want your pictures returned, you must include a self-addressed, stamped return envelope. Mail entries to Photo Contest, National Geographic Traveler, P.O. Box 98013, Washington, DC 20090-8013. No pictures will be returned winners have been published in the January February 1994 issue of Traveler.

Closing date Entries must be postmarked no later than Aug. 15, 1993. Judging Entries will be judged on the basis of creativity, photographic quality and effectiveness in expressing the contest theme. Prizes Grand prize: Holiday for two to China for 11 days, with visits to COOL CULTURAL of fir umqutnuduM tmct IV M. CEDAR CITY, UTAH SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL Dales: July 28-31, IW3 Price: $365 Revel in the comic delights of Shakespeare's "A Mid Summer Nights' Dream." Performed in the Rhahelhan selling of the outdoor ADAMS THKATKE In MILE-HIGH CEDAR CITY.

Pric Includes: 2 theatre performance. 3 niphtK knifing 2 IuikIk-h. 2 breaalajtx, I dinner, collee all admissions and transportation. Travtfmt wW TRAIN DeChelly and Mesa Verde Days June 27-30 Averaae $299 SEATTLEMCTORIAVANCOUVER PLUS OREGON TRAIL Julv 11-24 Outstanding 14 Days Tour Average S1 275 COOL COLORADO CIRCLE 8 Days July 24-31 Silvelun Train Durango Grand Jet Denver, Colorado Spnngs. Royal Gorge.

Hmnnlft Oa! Air Fnrre Arjid Santa Van Dow Pick up June 17-18 Irom $175 MONUMENT VALLEY CANYON DE CHELLY Weekend Jun 4-6 from $209 CORONADO TRAILWHITE MTNS Jun 29-30 from $109 SAN FRANCISCO 7 Days Jun 27-Jul 3 from $339 Fe. Taos and rD. State Zip Check Box if Stamped Return Envelope is Where Taken When Alaska 2 for 1 Caribbean 7 Days from $549 Fall Foliage from $1039 TahitiPolynesia from 1946 rimii 14 from $899 Europe Land Escorted from $2365 One of the Nation's leading cruise specialists SAVE FROM Per Cabin Carol SOCOI Open 7 days a week 1-800-528-0523 Phoenin.AZ 85028 AZ only LAUGHLIN TURNAROUNDS Everyday $3.00 p.p. Sat. $7.00 p.p.

Frl. Sat. pm $5.00 FREE Buffet Fun Book Call for Special 5 rides for $9 coupon NEW Nogales June 4 18 $1 3.00 p. IT. All trips stiDiwct to ftlteratron witrxnit notice OVERNIGHT aii i ii K000LLL-COPPER CANYON ll pnu Betcre June 13-i9 iiv-mm From Only $509 NTA, ASTA Hatxa Esptmol In busirveu tirtc I960 Consumer pnxecoon plan irM to you 1-800-331-4968 REHOTAHO-VEGAS FROM $139 JUN 27-JUtV 2.

JUL 2S-30. AUG 8-13. OCT 24-29 Mlx hilnlc fnr CIO h4-it. Can! SPECIAL Book Now AIR BRANSON MISSOURI TOUR AUG 26-30 7 Shows Eureak Springs Passion Play Shepherd ot Hills and More from S635 MEXICO BY AMERICAN BUS MAZATlANlCABO SAN LUCAS 12 Days Fimv lOe Compwt Uuatan on Npiwav Moluicoacl, CompWa Bajs Spent Savaiftf tJlrt lUMMn Ji Ci Cm mt Sai Oayi Cti Sa" luui Nw and Ficng T(wt 0t 20-Now 1 Aitxiqoerque ave $749 cook une Since 1906 ii' i i MILTOH I LAUGHLIN LOB Beijing, Xian, Guilin and Shanghai, courtesy China National Tourism Administration. It includes round-trip air transportation, all ground transportation, hotels, meals, guides and $2,500 cash.

First prize: Holiday for two to the Brazilian Amazon, courtesy Taruma Tur-ismo, including roind-trip transportation on American Airlines and Varig, a six-day river cruise on the Amazon Clipper and $1,000 cash. Second prize: Llama-trekking holiday for two in New Mexico's Anasazi country, courtesy American Wilderness Experience and Adventure Travel Society, including round-trip transportation on American Airlines. Five days of guided hiking and $500 cash. Third prize: Holiday for two to New Orleans, including round-trip transportation on American Airlines, accommodations for three nights at the Hotel Inter-Continental New Orleans, an Avis rental car and $500 cash. Five merit awards: Pcntax Model TK 35mm Camera Kit 25 Honorable mentions: $100 and a copy of the National Geographic Photographer's Field Guide.

Restrictions Some restrictions on travel apply. You must own all rights to any photographs entered in this contest. It is the responsibility of the contestant to ensure that publication of the photographs by National Geographic Traveler raises no legal claims. Winners agree to allow the National Geographic Society to publish their photographs in a future issue or issues of Traveler and to use the pictures for advertising and promotional purposes without further payment. Limitation on liability While every attempt will be made to return submissions in their original condition, the National Geographic Society will not be responsible for the loss of, or damage to, any submitted photographs.

General agreement Submission of an entry to the contest automatically constitutes the contestant's acceptance of all conditions set forth in the above rules. Entries not complying with the above rules will be disqualified. VEGAS FUN BUS ALL BUSES NON-SMOKING LAUGHLIN w.TVaini;vr..iiMi!fri"i BOWK 737 JCT SERVICE Now, when you purchase this incredible 15-da Mystique New Zealand Tour from Mount Cook Line from $1949, your roundtrip economy class ticket to New Zealand, on Air New Zealand, is absolutely free. VOI FIRST CLASS 1 5 DAY MYSTIQUE VACATIOS ISCLIDES: Routitttrip economy (loss airfare from l.os Angeles or San I'randsio lo Auckland on Air 7j aland. 13-Ur driver escorted, luxury coach travel.

irst class accommodations throughout. 2 nights each TeAnait, Qjteenstown, Wellington and Rotorua. 1 night each Auckland, C.hristchitrch, Dunedin and Mt. Cook. Domestic air travel u'tfiin Xen Zealand.

Waitomo Caves Tour, Milford Sound Day excursion, plus other sightseeing and guided tours. Optional Australia tnltl-ons. Departs on selected days May 19Q1-April 1W4. Space is limited. Call your trairl anit or Mount Cook Line today.


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